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    Goods and services tax (GST) is an indirect tax levied in India on the sale of goods and services. Goods and services are divided into five tax slabs for collection of tax- 0%, 5%, 12%, 18%, 28%. Petroleum products and alcoholic drinks are taxed separately by the individual state governments. GST will apply to all Indian service providers, traders and manufacturers, once their supply turnover crosses Rs.20 lakh. The GST is an all-in-one that subsumes a variety of state and central taxes. GST is to be charged at every step to the supply chain, with complete set-off benefits available. Even if your sales are less than Rs.20 lakh, we suggest that you voluntarily opt for GST registration because you will not get any tax refunds on purchases and also you cannot sell outside your state.

    The registration in GST is PAN based and state specific. Supplier has to register in each such state or union territory from where he affects supply if he fulfills any of the following conditions;

    • Having an annual aggregate turnover from all India operations which is above the threshold limit of Rs.20 lakh.
    • Having branches in multiple states or multiple business verticals in one state.
    • Making supply to other states.
    • Required to pay tax under reverse charge
    • Required to deduct tax at source or an input service distributor.
    • Agents to supplier.
    • Supplying goods or services through e-commerce operator.
    • E-commerce operator who supplies goods or services under his brand name.
    • Supplying online information and database access or retrieval services from a place outside India to person in India, other than a registered taxable person.


    • One can pass on the credit of the taxes paid to them as one is authorized to collect taxes from his customers
    • One can claim input tax credit of taxes paid to his suppliers and can utilize the same for payment of taxes due
    • Seamless flow of input tax credit from suppliers to recipients at the national level.
    • The number of compliances is lesser
    • Defined treatment for E-commerce operations
    • Improved efficiency of logistics
    • Unorganized sector is regulated under GST.


    • GST will mean an increase in operational costs
    • GST is an online taxation only so some people who don’t know much about internet have to hire experts
    • SMEs will have higher tax burden


    The following documents are required for registration;

    • PAN card of owners/ directors/partners.
    • Electricity bill/telephone bill
    • Rent agreement or no objection certificate
    • MOA/AOA
    • Letter of authorization for signatory
    • Bank statement
    • Aadhar card of owners/ directors/partners
    • Passport sized photographs

    It stands for goods and services tax identification number whose first 2 digits of 15 digit number will represent state code and the next 10 will be the Pan of entity or person engaged in business.

    yes, a person can voluntarily register and all the provisions will apply to him as they apply to a registered person.

    An entity will have a single registration in each state for each PAN. Therefore, it can list only one place as its principal place of business and show all the other branches as additional places of business in that state

    The composition scheme would be applicable to businesses with a turnover of up to Rs.50 lakh. Such taxpayers would pay a fixed percentage of its turnover and cannot avail of the benefits of input tax credit. Such businesses cannot collect tax from its customers. The floor rate of tax cannot be less than 1%.


    • Copy of Pan Card of Proprietor/Partner/Director/Trustee/Karta/Member/Authorised signatory
    • Copy of Aadhaar Card/Voter Id/Driving License/Passport of Proprietor/Partner/Director/Trustee/Karta/Member/Authorised signatory
    • Copy of Registration/Incorporation Certificate of Firm/Company/Trust/NGO/AOP
    • Copy of MOA and AOA/Bye laws/Deed of Partnership firm/Company/Trust/NGO/AOP
    • Copy of pan card of Partnership firm/Company/Trust/NGO/AOP
    • Copy of Cancelled cheque/Bank Statement of Firm/Company/Trust/NGO/AOP
    • Copy of Electricity Bill, Municipal Tax Receipt/land Receipt and Rent Agreement (if on rent) of office
    • Email ID and Phone Number of Proprietor/Partner/Director/Trustee/Karta/Member/Authorised signatory

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