How to Start a Business?

You’re excited to start a business. Maybe you have an idea, or you’re just fascinated with the idea of launching and growing your own enterprise. You’re willing to take some risks, like leaving your current job or going without personal revenue for a while. But there’s one logistical hurdle stopping you: You don’t have much money and knowledge of how and from where you should start?

There are many things that you as an entrepreneur has to think before starting your own venture. They may be related to what forms of business you should choose, where you should start venture, should you start your venture with your own or with some partner, and what are legal compliances that you will have to do before or after starting your venture.

Registration Expert is an umbrella under which you can get A-to-Z services, may it be related to CS, CA, CMA, Advocates, Website developers, Software Developers or graphic designer etc or may it related to services that you might want for starting, managing, protecting, growing or sometimes closing your business. We have a team of duly qualified company secretaries (Master of Corporate Laws, Labour Laws, Taxation Laws, Securities Laws, Fema Laws etc.), Chartered Accountant (Master of Accounting and Book Keeping), Cost Accountants, Corporate Lawyers, Website Developers, Software Developers, Graphic Designers, Loan Consultants and NGO Consultants, that makes us a complete service provider company.

We at Registration Expert, have been serving entrepreneurs of every size and of every places (India and around the world) with best of its class service. Not only we provide almost every services, but we also try to keep quality and timeliness of delivery of service intact. Quality is something that we not only cherish in strategy but we have made this part of our daily work culture within our organization. Our experts give honest opinions, they keep your interest above everything and then help you in choosing what is best for you. We have realized that we can not make our all customers to be very satisfied as we have to depend everything on government department and government websites ultimately. So our efficiency is directly affected by efficiency of government department and their websites. Therefore, we dedicate an expert specially for a particular work, so that he can update you on progress of work and can help our customers through entire process starting from taking orders to completion of work order.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Piyush Vishal              Director

I welcome you to our website. Team of is dedicated to provide you A to Z services that you as an entrepreneur, business man or industrialist may require for starting your business, managing your business, protecting your business or growing your business at lowest price without compromising quality of services. We always try to maintain transparency in doing our business. Our experts give honest advice and suggest customers the best option with all alternatives according to their needs and requirement. The ideal of our foundation is to help entrepreneurs irrespective of caste, creed, and income background in starting up their business, managing their businesses, protecting their businesses and growing their businesses successfully. I think this is the best way we can support Growing India and Growing Bihar and Jharkhand.

About Company

Since 2013, Registration Expert has been a one-stop solution for any business or entrepreneur looking for a company secretary, chartered accountant or a corporate lawyer. We have been instrumental in ensuring that startups, NGOs and Big Companies are fully compliant with various legal laws and provisions. Over past 5 years or more so, our knowledge, offerings, cost effective prices and customer satisfaction has made us a leader in the field in the country. We have served thousands of customers, startups and entrepreneurs and are steadily growing our services day by day in order to provide complete services to entrepreneurs. We have brought professionals from all regime and field under umbrella of company, that makes us capable to meet entrepreneurs expectation to provide all services that are required from starting a business, managing business, protecting business, growing business to closing a business. Our world class service, dedicated and capable team of experts have made us one of the largest online facilitator of legal, taxation and accounting services in Bihar and Jharkhand state of India.

We have been particularly instrumental in ensuring startups are fully compliant with India’s labyrinthine legal system. Over the past five years, the depth of our offerings, affordable prices and customer satisfaction has made us the largest online facilitator of legal services in India. We have already served over 120,000 customers and have a steadily growing network of over 1000 professionals from all the major cities (particularly the metros of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata) on our online platform. In 2016, we launched Libra, a law practice management software, for legal professionals across India.

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I am very happy with the support team of They have shown true professionalism in rendering of services.


Service which you provided was really excellent. is a very well known name in the field of business registration, industrial licensing and taxation consultation and I am very hopeful that your team will with hard works, quick customer service and unmatched professionalism soon become proud of India.

Ajay Srivastava has been our associates since day one and have maintained highest professional quality for their services. They get the job done on time. They are an invaluable resource to us who listens and delivers more than our expectation and we plan to continue working with them in the future. We would be happy recommending their services to anyone.
Pritam Purananda
I really would like to thank “ Team”, they have been so supportive to us that rarely we needed to worry about anything. You ask for any service, say website designing, logo designing, account opening, pan, tan, company formation, accounting & taxation, they have solutions to all the problems. They are really a magician. Thanks guys.
Pankaj Sharma , Your Content Goes Here
Words can express, but the attitude and initiatives on your part to understand client’s requirement and acting with speedy process requires tremendous mind-set to satisfy the client. This is one thing which we wish to appreciate. Continuity in good service is the key in maintaining the relationship, and it is the key to success and seems to have that with exemplary ease. This is to express our sincere thanks to you over our relationship.
Shashank Kaushik