Intellectual Properties are creations of human mind and these are created by using human intellect and research & development. Logo, Punchline, Writing New Poem, Books, Making new Movie, Songs or creating new invention, all are examples of Intellectual Properties.

Individual/Company has to invest lots of money, efforts and time in order to create his/its own unique intellectual property, thus it becomes important to get its registration asap. Taking registration of your intellectual property, helps you in proofing your title and ownership over that and it also helps in stopping others to use your intellectual property from using without your permission.

We provide following services related to protection and registration of Intellectual Properies:

A. Trademark Related Services

  1. Trademark Search
  2. Trademark Registration
  3. Trademark Objection Reply Filing
  4. Trademark Counter Statement Filing
  5. Trademark Opposition Filing
  6. Trademark Hearing Services
  7. Trademark Assignment
  8. Trademark Renewal
  9. Trademark Amendments
  10. Trademark Proprietor Addition/Change
  11. Brand Registration
  12. Punchline Registration
  13. Tagline Registration
  14. Product Colour Combination Registration
  15. International Trademark Filing Services

B. Copyright Related Services

  1. Copyright Registration
  2. Copyright Objection Reply Filing

C. Patent Related Services

  1. Patent Search
  2. Patent Application Filing
  3. Patent Objection Reply Filing

D. Design Related Services

  1. Design Registration

E. Geographical Indication Related Services

  1. Geographical Indication Registration